Dark beasts
concealed within shadows
feasting on the souls of the innocent wanderers
lost deep within the oaken walls
of the forest that confines those poorly fated Lost.

Devoured! Ripped limb from limb!
a tasty morsel for these hungry fiends
They thirst for your blood, gorge themselves upon your flesh and expel their seed into your throat.
They thrive on the immense suffering you project,
doubled, gasping, thrashing for another breath,
stripped of all your worldly shit, in the grips of your new reality.

An existence in perpetual hell awaits you.
You are the Lost.
Perish at the hands of those you betrayed long ago.
You are the Lost.

A transformation into what you once did hate.
Your inner demons are unleashed unto the ones just like you.


from From Atop This White Mountain​.​.​., released December 23, 2014



all rights reserved