The eternal woe, treacherous, pours itself into everything.
Through years of pain I slumbered, never awakened.

Bring back memories of forgotten days.
I cower to the deep recesses of my inner seclusion.
The paths that I've made stray far from what I have hoped.
Reclaiming the day as mine: a sheer dream
No way to undo the catastrophe.

Pull me back, tell me the secret.
Tell me what has been eluding me for all these years
so I can hope no more.
All chance is lost.
The lure of a pleasant existence, a ruse to bring more pain to my solitude.
I walk aimlessly through this forest of flame.
Towering infernos laugh at me, mockingly.
I'm losing my sanity and all I hold dear.
Come closer, step through the fiery shadows which hide you.
Make yourself infinitely clear and all sorrow, all longing shall vanish here.

The wounds that I cut were deep.
Understand, unintentionally these wounds were dealt by my hand.

Too hard it seems to free myself from your nocturnal embrace.
The web that binds me keeps me alive and brings comfort to this lonely place.
I cannot free myself...not yet.

A new beginning emerges...

And unlike before, I'm no longer lost in myself.
These cavities which have confined my being, now open up and reveal the truth.
Bathe me in your warm glow.
Release me. I am free.

"You will be released, but not from me, for you were only trapped within yourself."


from From Atop This White Mountain​.​.​., released December 23, 2014
Additional solo by Ken Bullard
Female vocals provided by Anne Grunwald



all rights reserved