This White Mountain EP (Remixed)

by This White Mountain

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The debut EP from atmospheric black metal band, This White Mountain, with a heavy focus on "atmosphere", rather than "black metal". The EP features 6 songs and a bonus track demo song, and runs about 22 minutes. Though the EP is entirely instrumental, each song has lyrics that tie the album concept together.

A .PDF file of lyrics, credits and notes and a bonus demo track (the earliest recorded version of "Haunting Words") are included.


released February 6, 2009

Kevin - all music, lyrics, instrumentation, arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering



all rights reserved
Track Name: Steps On Air/Void
The air at the top of the crest was so light,
I didn't feel confined to the laws of earth or man.
(Steps on air)
Until I fell, fell through the snow, soil and rock,
fell to that place which lies beneath the mountain, the endless abomination of Void.
In this place I saw the evil which had manifested over my time here.
All those years, for me to think this could not be amassing,
how foolish I feel now. But it's not easy to let go of the only thing I've ever known,
to kill the mother which has treated me so dearly simply because she has been overrun with the darkness of the land.
With one final consultation, I hope so set things right.
Track Name: Seabirds
Trekking down the mountainside, the blistering cold whipping my face,
wrapped in all I could find, taking as much food as I could carry,
I make my way off of this godforsaken hill,
through the forest that lays at the foot and expands for miles in every direction,
until I finally reach those jagged walls.
I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks. Focusing on this sound helps to calm my nerves.
Hearing the songs of the birds of the ocean puts my mind at ease.
Dipping in and out of the purity of this water, soaring ever higher above,
above all perversion and hate,
they inspire me.
I have come to grips now with what I must do.
Track Name: Cold Of Autumn
"You must burn it down next winter."
She seems sure of it. I do not bother to question.
As spring makes its way into season, things begin to warm,
the land thaws and the lush flora regains its claim of land.
I keep forgetting the evil that has been done here.
I see the disgusting grey tinge upon everything when I look for it.
Summer leaves, and autumn comes. The time to act is almost upon me.
I begin to struggle with the severity of the situation once more.
Why must I be the one to do such a tremendous act?
I wrestle with my own mind for weeks on end,
not eating, not sleeping, not doing much but sitting
Track Name: This White Mountain Slowly Burns
the highest peak that I could find
I stand, poised as a warrior rather than a messenger,
with the fire of the gods in my hands,
waiting to bestow upon this wretched land the wretched justice it deserves.
A whisper, "let it burn" comes in on the wind and in a second the blaze has spread down the slopes,
through every base, abysmal valley and up every self-righteous peak
until it engulfs the entirety of this mountain and I am left regretting it all
in my last seconds of life.
~I regret all existence.~